Lockdown Linocut 1/4

Linocut printmakers  have not been identified as key workers in this Covid pandemic. Not yet anyway. So the last few weeks have found me working from home during the lockdown. I am fortunate to have a small studio, which for years I have used to produce the commissions that I am lucky to get. At Highland Print Studio, it has something we have had to consider in what we provide during the lockdown – not everyone has facilities or equipment to allow them to create prints at home. So rather than tuition, we thought it would be better to provide reminders of print processes and hopefully some inspiration for when we finally get back to Bank Street.

If that sounds like me trying to justify this set of films, then that is exactly what it is. 

This is the first of four small movies, following me working on a four colour reduction linocut with a corona virus theme. Although it is all done at home, the materials are no different from those used at HPS, the same lino, similar oil based inks and spirit cleaners. 

This first episode covers drawing the design, cutting and then inking and printing the first colour.

Try and stay awake.



25 thoughts on “Lockdown Linocut 1/4

  1. Excellent John. Really good vid. And as usual, very entertaining.
    I just need to know how I can do it without the lino, cutting tools, ink and press!
    But we do have some lino on the floor, some rusty chisels in the garage, some magnolia (previous owner) and a large vice. I’ll give it a go ……… and video it. Thanks. Trev


  2. Very good John. Someone needs to feed him a square meal before he does himself a mischief. A man cannot live on ink and small pooches alone!


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