Lockdown Linocut 3/4

Still hanging on in there?

So two colours printed and with text starting to form. In this thrilling instalment, the text will be completed, and more forming of the figure is cut. Remember all the cutting is to preserve that previously printed colour.

The cutting and printing of the lettering is completed in this third colour so as to not be the dominant part of the image. All of the final darkest ink will be on the figure, making him the strongest part of the print.

Pour a stiff drink and get yourself comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Linocut 3/4

  1. Thanks again John
    Really like the tip about using a bit of the last colour. Your colour scheme is looking far more harmonious than mine eved do 😦
    Keep up the brilliant vidoes


    1. Harmonious is not a word that people usually use about me…
      Mixing colour is a great thing to learn, mono printing is excellent for this, and for understanding how inks behave.

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